Short Women Celebrity Spotlight: Kristen Chenoweth

Friday, April 18, 2008

Kristen Chenoweth, currently starring as Olive Snook on Pushing Daisies is a short woman with an amazing singing voice and great acting ability.

She is an experienced Broadway performer, having won the Tony Award for Best Actress in 1999 for her portrayal of Sally in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. She followed that up with an nomination for Best Actress in 2004 for her role as Glinda in Wicked. She lost that award to her co-star Idina Menzel.

Kristen does not let her short stature of four feet eleven inches tall stand in the way of her success at happiness. According to
IMDB, Kristen said,"I used to want to be tall, and then I thought, 'If I were tall, then people would say I was pretty and not cute.' And then I realized that there are worse things than being called cute. They could say I was a bitch, which would be terrible in my book. So I've decided that this height ain't so bad."

She also revealed that she is Christian, but is not against gay marriage. She said, "I don't understand what the big deal is with gay marriage. Get over it, people. What if it was a sin to be short? Well, I guess it is in the Miss Oklahoma pageant."

In addition to her television work, Kristen is also expected to appear at the Metropolitan Opera House next year. She is formally trained in opera. It will be wonderful to see such a woman of a small stature blow people away with her powerful and amazing voice.


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