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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When I first began working at a place that frowned upon t-shirts and jeans, I tried to find a store that sold a nice variety of dressy clothing in petite sizes. As many of you know, many major department stores must believe that the majority of women who wear petite clothing are over 80 years old. As a result, most of the clothing choices do not say "young professional."

I was overjoyed when I discovered
Petite Sophisticate. For several years it was my go-to store for suits, dress shirts, and pants. My closet is well stocked with clothes with the Petite Sophisticate logo.

Imagine my sadness a couple of years ago when I went to my local store and saw a going-out-of-business sign. At first I thought it was just that branch, but soon learned that the entire chain was going out of business. Although I took full advantage of the high percentage discounts, I could not help but feel that my wardrobe was going to go downhill quickly.

Last year when I was at a local outlet mall, I saw a sign that said "Coming soon: Petite Sophisticate Outlet." I could not believe that my store was coming back! Sure enough, there are now limited retail outlets of Petite Sophisticate throughout the country, which is now operating under
Charming Shoppes, Inc.

Unfortunately, though, the outlet store does not have the same selection as my old stand-by Petite Sophisticate store and I can never find anything in there that fits my style. The clothing in the store has too much fuchsia, too many patterns, and clothing with unattractive trim. In short, it is a mere shadow of of its former self.

Petite Sophisticate website has a better selection than my local outlet store, especially the variety of dresses, so check them out if you need some new clothes. I hope that one day the store will be become more reminiscent of the past.

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